Large telescopes
(30 to 65 inches or 750 – 1550 mm)


Optiques Fullum has the possibility to manufacture in-house large reflecting telescopes of up to 65 inches at its facility.

For these telescopes, Optiques Fullum fabricates very light custom-designed aluminum and composite structures, with “GoTo” StellarCat and ArgoNavis systems.  The “FeatherTouch” ocular supports are a must.

Newtonian Telescopes

Fullum-folded Newtonian telescopes

Traditional Newtonian telescopes

Cassegrain Telescopes

Dall – Kirkham telescopes

Ritchey – Chrétien telescopes

Fullum-folded Newtonian®: For the large telescopes of 30 inches and more, Optiques Fullum developed a unique “Fullum-folded Newtonian” structure.  In this configuration a parabolic primary mirror with a very short focal (F/3.5-F/4) is coupled to a secondary mirror placed much lower than normal, which will redirect the optical axis at a 17.5-degree angle instead of 45 degrees.  This results in a more secure focal spot for the observer.

  • For example, a 50-inch F/3.5 telescope ocular support would normally be made at a height of 18 feet.  By using the unique “Fullum Folded” structure, the ocular support will be at a height of only 8.5 feet.

To see more Fullum-folded Newtonian® telescopesview our photo gallery.

Wooden Telescopes


Optiques Fullum builds custom wooden telescopes for the stargazers who are looking for telescopes of exceptional quality and want an authentic and unique piece of art, where colour and shape play an important role.

Using innovative techniques, Optiques Fullum ensures that whatever the selected sky zone (zenith, horizon…) all movements are done smoothly and with great precision. Optiques Fullum also offers a range of options to increase the comfort of the stargazer: the installation of a handle near the eyepiece holder for a better hand grip, a tray for the eyepiece holder and an altitude slide system.

Five coats of polyurethane marine varnish and covered with a polymer wax
Authentic and all wood
Wood secondary mirror
Options to increase comfort
Altitude slide system

In these collector telescopes, no detail is omitted:

  • The battery cover that powers the ventilator is also in the same wood as the optical tube.
  • The secondary mirror support is also made of wood, the metal spider legs are assembled to the tube with wood parts.
  • The interior of the optical tube is varnished and covered with a rubberized sealant and painted with a black matt colour, to eliminate bright reflection causing interference.
  • The wood exterior of the parts is covered with five coats of polyurethane marine varnish and covered with a polymer wax.


When placing an order for a wooden telescope, besides choosing the desired optical features, the client will also choose between different types of wood for the telescope and the accessories. Finally, he can choose the design of the exterior components.