SOLEXTREME® is a next generation solar concentrator

The high precision optical mirrors collect and concentrate the solar energy which is then transferred to different applications (water treatment, heating, molten salts storage, industrial dryers) through a fibre optic bundle.

The efficiency of this technology is extremely high. Currently 40% to 60% of the captured radiation energy is being transferred.  In a nearby future we expect that the efficiency will exceed 80%, with output temperatures varying from 1000 to 1300 ⁰ C.

The fibre-optic bundle at the heart of the technology was developed by the Optics and Photonic department of the Université Laval . Optiques Fullum conceived and manufactured the optical mirrors. Optiques Fullum also signed a transfer of technology agreement with the Université Laval and has exclusive rights to use the fibre-optic bundle for all non-photovoltaic applications.

The Solextreme® solution can be up- or downscaled and adjusted to the requirements of each client or application.

The basic configuration consists of the core and tracking system

Solextreme® core

    • Primary and secondary optical mirror
    • Fibre-optic bundle and lens
    • Solextreme® structure

Solextreme® tracking system

    • Battery
    • PV panel
    • Control system
    • gearmotors

Possible to connect additional tools (upon client request)

    • Datalogger
    • Weather station