Optical Mirrors

Optic Mirrors


The reputation and high quality of the optics manufactured by Optiques Fullum for its telescopes has allowed the company to transition to a next step. Optiques Fullum is now manufacturing custom-made,  high precision optic mirrors for a vast range of applications within and outside the astronomy industry.

Optiques Fullum has the unique ability to design, prototype and manufacture under one roof a vast range of optical systems and components.

These mirrors can be manufactured from different materials, in different shapes and sizes, including conical and elliptical optics as well as ultra-light Techno-Fusion® mirrors. All mirrors are manufactured according to the highest standards of conical constant accuracy, surface roughness, and critical tolerance specifications.

In many projects, Optiques Fullum is being involved from the early stages of conception and development onwards, bringing a unique expertise in optics to the table and providing its clients extremely valuable insights.

Additionally, we are one of the rare manufacturers of optical components with thin film coating capabilities. This allows us to respond more quickly and offer innovative solutions to our clients.

Techno-Fusion® mirrors

Techno-Fusion® mirrors: By using a unique fusing process developed in partnership with the Université Laval, Optiques Fullum can build very light mirrors given their diameter with an increased rigidity.  The open central structure of the mirror greatly facilitates the ventilation process and the gauging of the temperature.  By using lateral ventilators that blow between the plates, the mirror reaches its thermal balance within +/-20 minutes and will stay stable during the entire observation session.

All large diameter telescopes are built to order and are fully customized to the specific needs and objectives of each client: for visual observation, for research, for imaging.

Especially in the aerospace industry, the Techno-Fusion® technology offers Optiques Fullum a considerable competitive advantage as this innovative technology allows the manufacturing of much mirrors that can be up to 65% lighter than their solid counterparts. The combined advantages of a competitive pricing and reduced weight can translate in a six-figure cost reduction for a satellite launch.

Materials used:

Borosilicate Mirrors Quartz Mirrors ZERODUR® Mirrors
Astrocytal®Mirrors Fused Silica Mirrors ULE® Mirrors