Educational projects and conferences


Passion for astronomy drove Normand Fullum to found Optiques Fullum and also to put together a wide variety of conferences covering different aspects of astronomy and directed to young and old, amateur and semi-professional stargazers.

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Magic Universe projects

The Magic Universe projects are turnkey fixed or mobile observatories dedicated to organizations that would like to provide on-going astronomy presentations or education.

Depending on the purpose and audience of the observatory, the equipment will vary. A typical configuration will include a fully-equipped inflatable planetarium with animation, several astronomical binoculars and different types of telescopes.

Clients that have already embarked in these projects are:

  • Hotels and Resorts: guests are invited to discover the various aspects of the Universe through a series of themed presentations – every evening can cover a different subject;
  • Amateur astronomy clubs: visitors have the opportunity to use quality material and assist to themed presentations (scientific level will be adapted to the audience);
  • School boards: a basic mobile set-up (inflatable planetarium) to bring science to students in a different way
  • Educational centres: depending on the mission of the center, the observatory will feature a planetarium as well as a varied choice of telescopes and in some cases even include a small exhibition area and a conference room.