Telescope and Mirror Maintenance

Basic telescope and mirror
maintenance services


Optiques Fullum offers telescope owners assistance in keeping their telescopes in optimal conditions through a range of basic maintenance services:

General telescope check-up

all brands

During the general check-up, our team of experienced technicians will verify:

  • The primary mirror coating and clean the surface professionally;
  • The secondary mirror coating and clean the surface professionally,
  • Tighten where appropriate all fixing screws, nuts and bolts;
  • Check the collimation of all optical elements and adjust as necessary;
  • Check the focus mount;
  • Careful cleaning of all external surfaces on the telescope.

If during the inspection, it appears that some surfaces or components need repair or a renewed coating, we will contact the owner and discuss the different options that are possible


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Re-coating of optical mirrors for telescopes

all brands

For optimal performance, telescope mirrors require high-quality reflective coating.

  • Our team will guide or assist the telescope owner during the process of removing the mirrors and will also provide guidelines for safe shipping of the mirror.
  • Once the mirror arrived at Optiques Fullum, we will proceed with an initial inspection of the mirror – any abnormalities will be documented and reported to the owner.
  • Technicians will remove the old coating using techniques and solutions that will not affect the underlying glass or optical figure.
  • After carrying out a second inspection, the mirror will be aluminized and protected from oxidation with an overcoat of SiO.
  • After a final inspection, the mirror will be prepared and shipped back to its owner

All our mirror coatings are guaranteed for one year. Optiques Fullum does not warranty against coating damage caused by moisture, acid dew, acid rain, chemical exposure, neglect, insect and spider excrement, improper cleaning methods, or improper storage.

Optiques Fullum is one of the very few telescope and optical mirror manufacturers with in-house thin film capabilities.


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Telescope Mirror repair
and upgrade


As a manufacturer of custom optical mirrors, Optiques Fullum can refigure the primary mirror for a better image.

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