Thank you Tom for this e-mail!

Tom Dey, is a retired engineer who spent the better part of his career with Harris Precision Optics. He is also an avid and expert stargazer. He recently acquired  a unique New Moon telescope equipped with a 36” Techno-Fusion® F3.5 mirror made by Optiques Fullum. As a manufacturer it is always great to receive an email with the following performance report, especially from someone with such an extensive experience and knowledge of high quality optics :


 The 1st good-seeing opportunity was on the night of October 09/11. [couple of previous nights had moonlight and terrible atmosphere]

 The performance of the New Moon 36 is WONDERFUL !

 Here, transcribed from my Observing Log: >>>

 >muggy, almost warm
>went up at 7pm & opened up the dome; Box Fans going full-blow at the door, intend to go back up around 9pm & see what I can accomplish
>10pm arrive at dome
>align on Alpheratz and Polaris, Warp +0.08 (good!)
>OK, now eyepieces… warm and muggy
>the moment I ran the eyep out of focus, thermals are GOOD! (Box fans blowing thru door must have helped a LOT!)
>31mm Nagler + Paracorr 2 @ 127x 7.2mm pupil – Pinpoint stars
>17mm Ethos + Paracorr @ 232x 3.9mm pupil – Very Sharp
>13mm Nagler T0 @ 303x 3.0mm pupil SHARP !
>Sharp! WAY outperforms toe old 29-incher.
>star focus is “SNAP” sharp. No signs of astig, coma, sph, zones, turned edge… all wavefront seems fine
>the dimmest stars look like tiny pinpoint dots

>NOW check out a few Deep Sky targets:
>M57 YIPPEE! Superb with 13mm Nagler T0 + PC… Really Quite Sharp! Central Star is easy. Only limit is the atmosphere, not the scope.
>this scope can probably handle 500x no problem, when the sky allows it
>NGC7479 Phenomenal! 13mm + PC Very obvious loopy spiral arms going this way; super, performing Magnificently!
>M15 Spectacular 13mm nice dot stars
>Galaxy 7814 Nice! 13mm very straight, long dust lane, very thin, nice!
>M76 Baby Dumbbell MAGNIFICENT! Every bit ag good as e.g. M27 in a 12-inch; super, very sharp stars 13mm + PC all that exterior puffy structure shows wonderfully and WAY OUT!
>Perseus Galaxy Cluster 1279 etc. Fabulous! Loaded with galaxies all over & they are BRIGHT! 17mm (could have gone 13) Very good resol
>NGC 909 etc. & 891 (BIG!) Great!
>M74 Vy Big face-on spiral, going this way, obvious

>so, the scope is WONDERFUL!
>sky darkness SQM 21.35 (decent, but not great… for here) & the sky “looks bright” but placid so good seeing tonight…
>Oh yeah, the Night Vision also focuses right where I want and the NV star images are spectacularly pinpoint. 

About Techno-Fusion® mirrors: By using a unique fusing process developed by Optiques Fullum in partnership with the Université Laval, Optiques Fullum can build very light and affordable optic mirrors given their diameter with an increased rigidity.


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