Optiques Fullum inc. is pleased to announce it received the order of a 36” – F/3.5 Fullum-folded Newtonian telescope for the ASTROLab du Parc National du Mont Mégantic for delivery during summer of 2019.

The 36” – F/3.5 Fullum-folded Newtonian telescope has a primary mirror of fused borosilicate mirror, using the Techno-Fusion® technique and a fully motorized guiding system.

The ASTROLab is an astronomy activity centre devoted to making science accessible. A wide variety of activities allow visitors to travel the stars – guided daytime tours of ASTROLab and the Mount Megantic Observatory, astronomy evenings at the ASTROLab and at the Mount Megantic Popular Observatory, the Popular Astronomy Festival, and the Perseid Festival are just a few of the discovery activities available in this fascinating world at the heart of the International Dark Sky Reserve.

Normand Fullum, president of Optiques Fullum inc. commented: “We are very pleased with this new order that confirms the good reception and high performance of our telescopes”

For further information, contact us at info@optiquesfullum.com or visit our new website www.optiquesfullum.com